Everyone is Musical! Mill Valley Music Lessons

Curious to find the music inside you but don’t know where to begin?

Need to bring your skills to the top of their game?

I’ll show you how to connect to your inner talents with personalized music lessons in Singing, Piano and Performance in the heart of Mill Valley.

I’ve been living and breathing music education in Marin County for over 15 years and love to teach students of all ages.

Creative expression is something we all need and Caylia Chaiken is a master of her art. Her music lessons provide not only the spark but the instruction to enhance your experience and enjoyment of music.

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Sharon G.

Upcoming Marin Idol Performance Camps

June 18th–22nd

Times: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Days: Mon - Fri

Cost: $379.00

Eventbrite - Marin Idol Performance Summer Camp

August 6th–10th

Times: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Days: Mon - Fri

Cost: $485.00

Eventbrite - Marin Idol Performance Summer Camp

August 13th–17th

Times: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Days: Mon - Fri

Cost: $485.00

Eventbrite - Marin Idol Performance Summer Camp

What is Marin Idol?

Rediscover the joy of making music!

When you study with me learning and performing music is always fun and engaging.

My lessons will teach you what you want to learn. From Beethoven to Adele, it’s all magic to me!

If you’re remotely curious then try a free lesson. You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn on your very first day.

Why Music?

Hans Christian Andersen could not have said it better when he penned the famous saying - “Where words fail…music speaks”

Music is healing and transformative. It has the power to dissolve boundaries and bring people together from every corner of the world.

Supercharge Your Brain

Learning and playing music is fantastic for neurological development. It will fundamentally alter your nervous system for the better, improve your fine motor skills, memory and cognition.

Why Me?

Because I have the skills and experience to uncover the special songs that live inside of you.

Everyone is unique and my methods will adapt to where you need me most. I will custom tailor a program that gets the most out of your skills and potential, enabling you to achieve your highest objectives and share your gifts with the world.

Voice Lessons

Open up and say "La!" with singing lessons that are tailored to your unique voice

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Piano Lessons

Learn to speak through your fingers with Mill Valley's most versatile Piano Teacher

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Performance Coaching

Supercharge your performance and public speaking powers with tools and techniques that work for you and your audience

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Marin Idol Performance Camps

Become the next Carrie Underwood at Marin County's best musical performance camp

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