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Feel supported and inspired with piano lessons that adapt to your needs and interests.

There are eighty-eight keys on the piano and within that, an entire universe. James Rhodes

The piano is loved by performers worldwide and is the composer’s best friend. It’s fun to learn and will express your true colors like no other instrument.

If you want to learn how to master its magic in an immersive and highly entertaining environment then you’ve come to the right place.

My piano lessons provide results from day one. You’ll discover how to:

How about a free introductory lesson?

In one year my children have learned over fifty songs!

Caylia expertly engages my children in specific, age-appropriate programs tailored to their interests and abilities. She tunes in to the comments my children make to enhance their understanding and appreciation of music.

I am so thankful that we were referred to Caylia for our music instruction.

Jamie B.

What is Simply Music?

Simply Music™ is a multi-sensory program that offers a transformative piano education. It approaches learning in a totally new way and will have you playing amazing music of all genres from your very first lesson.

How is it different?

Traditional piano lessons focus on learning to read music in order to play it. This “read first, play later” approach is slow. Many students find it frustrating and lose enthusiasm before they get to enjoy playing music.

Simply Music™ approaches music education like “learning to talk”. We all talked long before we learned how to read and spell.

Simply Music™ delays the reading part and instead focuses on how to play music from a wide range of styles. Once you know how to “talk music” through a wide repertoire of songs we’ll learn how to read music, when it’s easy and intuitive.

You’ll quickly develop the ability to play chords and modern accompaniments in every musical key. And most importantly, you’ll find yourself having fun from your first note!

Can I learn the songs I want to play?


Simply Music™ works with any kind of music. It’s a kinesthetic learning method which means that you learn the songs through through a multi-sensory learning process. This approach reveals the patterns behind the song so you can recognize and play their melodies with ease.

Private and Group Lessons

I offer both group and private lessons. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you fulfill your music dreams.

Free Piano Tip!

Here is a game to help you achieve the proper hand position:

  1. Pretend your hand is a crab and “walk” it on a table.

  2. Have a friend attempt to “walk” across to your side of the table with their “crab hand”.

  3. Have your crab guard its side of the table from your friend’s crab.

The more you play, the better your rounded piano hand position will become. It’s fun!

Banner image by Mark Dean Photography