Over the years I’ve taught the magic of music to Marin County children and adults from all walks of life. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to inspire and educate on a daily basis. Watching you blossom into your fullest potential makes my heart sing!

Here’s what my students are saying about their music lessons.

Learning Music

Consider this a life long skill. My daughter uses her music to express herself and unwind. I think that my daughter will use that skill, talent and love for the rest of her life.

Nancy V.

I realized just how special Caylia is after my daughter took an entire year of lessons and we were at her annual recital. It was full of supporting families and over 30 kids. It was a while before it suddenly dawned on me that Caylia had single handedly taught every one of these kids all I was hearing! She truly is an amazing gift to our community and my children.

Wendy N.

Creative expression is something we all need, and Caylia Chaiken is a master of her art. Her music lessons provide not only the spark but the instruction to enhance your experience and enjoyment of music. Sign up now. You won't be sorry.

Sharon G.

Caylia has the unique ability to support and lead students to achieve their very best.

Garrett L.

Caylia has a deep love and enthusiasm for music and her students that goes hand in hand in her approach to teaching. Her spirit, knowledge and humor infuses her teaching and she is a professional at all times!

Doretta R.

Voice Lessons

I came to Caylia after years of vocal training. She is a dream. She helped me to retrain my voice so that I sang in an organic way, allowing my body to simply click into place. I am thrilled to be learning from her.

Emily H.

I am 9 years old and I take voice lessons from Caylia.

She is a wonderful teacher because she improves how you sing and then she improves the things that improve what you've improved on. For example she makes me use my belly when I sing by having me stand on one foot.

Faryn V.

I’ve learned so much from Caylia. She is truly an inspiring teacher. She helped me find a voice that I didn’t even know I had.

Sophie B.

I really am enjoying singing in class with you – you’re such a wonderful, resourceful, patient, positive teacher. And really smart and talented, too!

Kim W.

Caylia has had an incredible impact on my daughter’s singing and professional success. She has been both a professional resource in teaching her technique and also a personal Coach.

Renee M.

Caylia teaches with humor, perfection and persistence.

She doesn’t seem to force her style on her students but rather explores the natural potential and refines and develops it. Caylia’s passion for the music and her commitment to her students always shines through.

Paul U.

My daughter has grown into her confidence and coming into her own.

I’ve also noticed that it’s bled into the rest of her life. She has more confidence in her school performances and presentations. Thank you Caylia!

Danielle W.

Caylia's heart is in her music and with her students. Our daughter has found her voice because of Caylia!

Susan D.

Piano Lessons

With Caylia teaching me, I like playing the piano so much more.

I am very happy to have Caylia as my wonderful and gifted teacher.

Marie H.

In one year my children have learned over fifty songs, chord based accompaniment, music theory, and seasonal holiday tunes.

She expertly engages my daughters in specific, age-appropriate programs according to their interest and ability.

She tunes in to the comments my children make to enhance their understanding and appreciation of music.

I am so thankful that we were referred to Caylia for our music instruction.

Jamie B.

I play the piano but when I’m at Caylia’s, it doesn’t matter what level you’re on - it just matters that you’re playing the piano and having fun.

Julia M.

It has been great working with you. I felt like you opened the door for me to begin playing again. Forever grateful!

Jerry K.

Caylia is a terrific teacher. Caylia is very patient and intuitive and has the ability to adjust her teaching style to the different kid’s needs and personalities.

Peter A.

Caylia has opened my kids up to their own sense of improvisation and confidence.

Simply music is helping them to trust their ears and learning to hear music differently and therefore play music differently.

What’s cool about Caylia is that she takes a song that my kids love and shows them, like in 5 minutes, how to play the song. She knows that my kids know the songs and chords and in no time at all, they are playing songs that they love.

It’s been a fantastic year. My kids have grown as artist, as people with Caylia and express themselves and comfortable and that is all we can ask.

Cory J.

Performance Coaching

I sang out - it was joyous and beautiful. Honestly, I was a little shocked at how easy and natural it was . OMG ☺

You made the difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Soleil Dakota

Thanks for encouraging my daughter and giving her the confidence to sing in front of an audience, she has never done that before!

Eva V.

The performance was a great experience! Thank you so much for working with her and giving her so much confidence. You are the best.

Tiffany V.

Wow! Caylia was really magical in bringing my daughter’s inner performer to the stage! Caylia found the performer in my daughter! Go Caylia

Trigg M.

Marin Idol

Marin Idol was an extremely fun and interactive way to improve my singing skills. It had all the fun of being at a summer camp with the added bonus of learning amazing vocal techniques that I still use to this day. I highly recommend Marin Idol for singers of all ages

Eden F.

Marin Idol camp is a joyful, creative and transformative experience. I would trust Caylia with anyone who wants to sing from child to adult.

Sharon G.

You should sign your kid up for Marin Idol because they’ll meet new friends, have a fun time and fun have a fun camp for the summer and also improve their singing.

Ryan B.

I was nice for me as a parent to know that during the summer, she had this wonderful thing to do with her best friend. And with Caylia, in a beautiful setting she was also able to polish up some of her skills that she’s learning in her voice lessons.

One of the things I love about her singing, is that she feels more confident using her voice. I find that she is able to express herself better and the singing lessons have a lot to do with it.

Love Caylia, love Marin Idol, love the lessons and I highly recommend that you get your kids started!

Suzanne B.

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