Open up and say Laaaaaah! Mill Valley Voice Lessons

Everybody can sing!

The only thing better than singing is more singing. Ella Fitzgerald

It’s as natural as breathing air and is the first sound you make in life.

That’s right, you were born singin’ the blues, baby!

A baby’s cry and singing are the same thing. They’re both organic and natural forms of vocal expression.

If you sing for fun, want to become a Pro, or get the confidence to perform in public then I can help you.

I came to Caylia after years of vocal training. She is a dream. With her guidance I was able to retrain my voice so that I sang in an organic way, allowing my body to simply click into place. I am thrilled to be learning from her.

Emily H.

Your voice is your most powerful communication tool.

My highly personalized lessons will bring out your true inner voice and give you the techniques to share it’s unique beauty with the world.

What’s in a lesson?

I draw upon many years of experience to provide lessons that adapt to your interests and personal style.

How about a free introductory lesson?

Techniques and Voice Discovery

I can safely guide you through the technical foundations including breath control, support and placement, ear training, rhythm recognition and diction. I’ll also ensure that your voice reflects who you are by:

From your very first lesson you’ll find that:

Overwhelmingly positive side effects

Even if you don’t want to sing professionally, learning how to support a free and open voice has all kinds of fringe benefits. It will help you deal with stage fright, spare you from vocal fatigue when you speak a lot, improve your speaking and singing tone, and give you the confidence to be a great communicator.

Group Sessions

I also provide group singing lessons in Mill Valley. These sessions offer a dynamic collaborative environment to support and learn from others. You’ll find that learning happens faster in an environment that fosters camaraderie, brainstorming, empathy and encouragement.

Share your voice and sing with others. Join in the the fun as you learn life long skills in music production. It’s a wonderful experience for people who want to work with other musicians.

Perform with Confidence

If getting up in front of a crowd makes your heart skip I can help you with Performance Coaching. As a Performer, Arranger, Musical Director, Voice and Acting Coach I can help you become more comfortable in groups, presenting on stage, conducting meetings, or just meeting new people.

Free singing tip - blow a berry!

When you’re having difficulty reaching a note or finding the right placement blow a sustained raspberry while humming the note. This immediately helps you find your placement so the note can be sung out with ease!

Banner image by Mark Dean Photography