How to capture your audience with a confident performance

Even if you don’t want to sing professionally, learning how to free your voice can have all kinds of benefits. It can help you deal with stage fright, save you from losing your voice when you speak a lot, improve the tone in your speaking and singing voice, and help you to communicate with confidence.

As a performer, Musical Director, Vocal and Acting Coach and Arranger for many Children’s and Adult Musical Theater productions, I can help you learn to be more comfortable being in front of a group, performing on stage, conducting meetings or just meeting new people.

Music does make your body and soul feel good! Playing the piano is a wonderful way to make music, release the tensions of the day, share common interests with friends and help entertain those holiday family affairs. Everybody loves to sing holiday songs, so get out the tip jar and start playing! You’ll be amazed at how much your music making will be appreciated!